New: Save new tags on homepage with Quick Link

August 21st, 2012
So far, saving a brand new tag on homepage via Quick link was not possible. It was a two step job and many of you have complained about this. There is now a neat solution for this problem in your Aboogy Quick Link.

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Do you need some help with the new Aboogy?

July 14th, 2012

Having troubles finding your way around the new Aboogy?

Please read previous posts and  have a look at this short video clips:

Feel free to ask questions in comments.

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The new Aboogy is moving to

July 7th, 2012
Dear all.
On Saturday, July 14. 2012 the new Aboogy will replace the old one at  Moving Aboogy to the new domain could make the service
unavailable for a short period of time. Until the move, the new Aboogy will be accessible at
If you’re still using the old Aboogy, please switch as soon as you
can.  For more info About the new Aboogy and instructions on how to switch, please visit the following page:Try out the new Aboogy!

New Aboogy users can relax and take no action. You will be redirected

The old Aboogy will be available at for a short time until we take it offline for good.


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Try out the new Aboogy!

June 22nd, 2012

Dear users, let us introduce you to the new Aboogy!

For over a year now, we have been working on a new and improved version of your favourite service, and now the time has come to show you the final result. We hope that you will like it as all the changes and innovations are based on 6 years experience of providing you with the service you use every day. Thank you for all of your reviews and comments; some of which we have applied, some we have adapted and some we have put aside for now.

Switching to the new Aboogy

Both the old and new Aboogy currently “reside” in parallel at different addresses. You will not be able to access the new Aboogy using your current username and password due to the fact that the two systems are completely separate. This means that you will need to create a new account and transfer your links by using the export function on the old Aboogy and import function to the new one.  Instructions are here.  The new Aboogy is currently located at:

On July 14.  we will move the site to the new location, old Aboogy will be situated at and remain there for some time until we take it offline.

It is important to know that if you choose to immediately use the new Aboogy, the actual site relocation process will not affect your new account. In other words, from now onwards, you will be able to work smoothly with the new user account on the new Aboogy.

What’s new in Aboogy

The two most important innovations are related first of all to the replacement of the categories with tags or keywords. Secondly, the homepage will no longer be cluttered with every link you have ever saved in your personal Aboogy.

Categories vs. Tags

In the new Aboogy, categories are replaced with more flexible tags. Tags, also known as keywords are nothing new on the web. The main difference between the categories and tags is that a link can be set only in one category, but the same link can be described with more tags. Tags on the homepage are displayed with corresponding links in the same manner as the category was before. If tags are unfamiliar to you, look at it as a possibility to add the same link in multiple categories. The rest you’ll pick up in no time!

Neater homepage

Your homepage will now be much cleaner and easier to use because you have the option to remove the category (tag) without actually deleting it from your Aboogy account. You can remove anything that you do not use on a day to day basis because you can always access it when you need it via a search or filter. That furniture was purchased long ago, the trip abroad has come and gone, that wedding dress was chosen, the project has been completed, the car has been purchased…Basically, there is no real need for your homepage to be filled with outdated links, so remove them from your homepage until they are needed again.

Browser addons

As for addons in web browsers, using a ‘Quick Link’ is not the only way anymore. We are proud to introduce you to the ‘Read Later’ application with which you will surely fall in love. We have also added the ‘Send Link’, which enables you to send interesting pages to friends.

Furthermore, another useful feature is the possibility to create images for links within Aboogy, with no additional tools.

Maybe all this sounds complicated, but believe me, it’s not. We have arranged everything in a clear and logical manner. In fact, you might not even notice the difference, except in the design.

We are at your disposal for any questions that you may have. You can leave your feedback in the comments below or send it directly from Aboogy. We are interested in your opinion because after all, you are the reason we are doing this.

Again, the temporary Aboogy service address is:

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How to move your links to new Aboogy

June 22nd, 2012

You need to create an accountt on new Aboogy – you can register here.
1. On your old Aboogy click on “Editor”

2. Select “Export”

3. Download and save the file on your computer.

4. Sign in to your new Aboogy account and click “Settings”.

5. Select import.

6. Click Browse button and select the export file you saved earlier.

7. Click Import and wait for a few seconds until Aboogy process your bookmarks

8. Navigate  to “Bookmarks” and select tags you want to appear on new Aboogy homepage by clicking a little home icon next to each tag.

9. Enjoy!

P.S. Don’t forget to setup a new Aboogy page as your new homepage.


Merry Christmas and happy New Year

December 24th, 2009

Dear all.

Aboogy team wishes you a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!



Help! What should I do with my bookmarks?

November 16th, 2009

aboogyAndDeliciousLogoAboogy is like a beer.  When you are just a kid, you don’t get what the hell people see in that stinky bubbly liquid, but when you grow up it becomes irreplaceable.

Two, three beers are awesome, but add that two or three times up, and the whole system will collapse. With moderate number of links, Aboogy is perfect homepage on your browser. But if you manage to get five meter long columns of links, Aboogy will be of use to you as a piece of an used toilet paper.

The best way of using Aboogy is to put just those links you are visiting on a daily basis. For links you are using once in six months there is better solution. It’s called It’s like bottomless hole for bookmarks. Before you throw your link into that pitt be sure to tag it properly (put a key words about it) so you can easily find it when you need it

Let me give you an example.  Let’s say that you want to save this link: .  Don’t click on it! It’s just an example! Please, concentrate….

Delicious enables you to tag this link with some keywords. For example :

“sexy, underwear, shorts, g-string , present, anniversary, …”

There are no rules. More quality tags you enter, the easier it’ll be for you to find this link when needed. All you’ll have to do is type some of those words, and off you go.

Therefor: is your perfect homepage is your perfect bookmark depo.


Aboogy on your mobile phone

October 22nd, 2009

We are pleased to announce that now you can set Aboogy as your home page on your mobile phone at address: or

Sign in with your existing username and find your favorite links on your mobile phone.

What you will see there is a light version of your Aboogy. The main differences of standard and mobile Aboogy are:

- Weight of the site is less than the original Aboogy page to speed up loading on slow internet connections.
- Standard five column is just too complex for a lower screen resolution so we have put all your categories in one column and arranged them alphabetically for quicker reference.
- Image links are converted into a separate category of “Images”
- Large selection of search engines is cut down just to Google mobile.

What is not possible on Aboogy mobile site, but will be in near future is:
- Registration of new users. New users have to register trough classic Aboogy page.
- Adding, deleting and updating categories and links. You can edit your links on standard Aboogy site.

As you can see, this first release supports basic functions of Aboogy service. Despite the current limitations of the extended Aboogy arm you should have better surfing experience while using your mobile phones.

At the very end there is another important thing. We invite all of you who surf the internet using your mobile phones to tell us how Aboogy looks on your mobile devices, is it bothers you and what features you would like to see.

Sign in with your existing username and enjoy mobile.

Yours Aboogy team


Three new search engines for your Aboogy

May 30th, 2009

Dear all.
We have added three new search engines you can add to your Aboogy. You can turn them on by clicking at three dots located left of search box at your Aboogy.  Two of them (Baidu and Yandex) we added because our Chinese and Russian users requested.  Enjoy.  Third one, WolframAlpha, was added because it’s a new search engine lots of people consider to be one of major Google competitor. It’s a very specific search engine with goal to sum “all of internet knowledge” and present it to internet users. It’s very hard to describe this search engine so we recommend to try it yourself.
Try to search this phrases:

* new york weather
* 100 km/h in mph
* the matrix, matrix 2, matrix 3
* europe population
* some date




New Aboogy features, despite the crisis

March 24th, 2009

Over the past six months, you may have noticed that we haven’t exactly been busting our buns in developing new possibilities for Aboogy. There are two basic reasons for our current state of production. The first reason is that Aboogy runs like clockwork and requires only minimal effort from our side and my father always said – if ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A bigger reason is that we are really pressed for time and Aboogy is still hesitant about managing our standard of living so our day job has top priority. Despite the crisis, we have decided to feature a small improvement in the expanded search parameters of your home page.

The amount of user emails that are categorized under “Search engine” has reached a critical point so we decided to kill off several main demands:
Click on the three dots and choose the search engine you use most often and the icons will appear on your home page. By clicking on the icon of our choice you are choosing your search engine. You can now search using localized search engines such as Google, Wiki and Yahoo simply by choosing a top level domain. Damn it I feel smart when I use them fancy, important words like .com, .hr, .it… Your choice will be registered by Aboogy so that you don’t have to keep clicking the same thing each time you return. Basically, we tried to set things up so that it is super quick, practical, efficient and of course useful for you, the user. And for me as well because now I can go to IMDB and glance at reviews before I download Torre… Umm… go to the movies.

The system has been set up in such a way that the process of adding another search engine was a cinch so should you have any requests that actually make sense, let us know and we’ll add the ones that are most in demand. Search engines. That you want from us. Yes, you can ask us. Yes, you can.

And let us know if this is actually helpful or if you are still just clicking like mad on Google.